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The freshness of Sea SPA (1h 30 min)

Standard price – 65 eur

Price with client card - 45 eur

Sea freshness - the product contains an active substance is seaweed, but its flavor is light and fragrant, rich in vitamins, unsaturated tauksskābēm and sea minerals. Revives sensitive, dry and tired skin, moisturizes, activates skin cell regeneration.

Aromatic fascinating marine freshness will clear the rush of excitement and anxiety generated by giving the body a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Cooling procedure.

The procedure includes:

- Cleansing body peeling, mask with a wrap;

- Shower (can offer a jacuzzi bath)

- Relaxing and soothing full-body massage with marine freshness lotion;

- After the massage - aromatic cup of tea!

Result: chilled, hydrated and rested skin.

Enjoy the sea freshness glamor!


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