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SPA LUX Black Pearl


we offer you a month

Price for only 54 eur

(standard price - 99 eur)

SPA LUX A black pearl - enriched with mineral water from the underwater world, valuable salts and the glow of a rainbow pearl pearl. Moisturizes and maintains dry, tired skin elasticity, revives sensitive, dry and tired skin, moisturizes, restores firmness of the skin, reduces stiffness and gives the skin a smooth shade, giving it a distinctly well-groomed look.

The procedure includes:

- Cleansing body of black pearl body, wrapping;

- bath, during which you can enjoy tea;

- Relaxing and calming body massage with black pearl lotion, SPA facial.

Result: Brilliance of sea pearls and moisturized skin!

Enjoy Black Pearl Enchantment!

We also offer Gift Cards!

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