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Reduce stress and fatigue!

Offer - back massage plus neck design!

price - 35 eur (Duration of the procedure 40 min)

Purchasing a massage course -

3 x 93 euro (31 euro for the 1st time)

5 x 145 eur (29 eur for 1 time)

At daily sedentary work the back muscles that support the spine, begin to lose their tone, causing pain in our back. Sedentary work, mundane driving a car, end of day discomfort in the cervical spine.

In order to improve the backbone of the negative consequences, we recommend you make regular back massage sessions.

Back massage plus neck design - will help to reduce pain in the neck and back area, improve working capacity, quality of sleep, reduce headaches. Eliminating muscle spasms and strengthen the neck muscles.

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