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Amber SPA LUX (1h 20min) lightness, playfulness, relaxation

Standard price – 75 eur

Price with client card - 50 eur

Amber SPA enriched with underwater valuable salts and brilliance. Amber is the energy and balance-providing stone that its activity is activated in contact with the active points of the body, it strengthens the physical and moral strength and gives liveliness. Amber helps to organize thoughts. Amber SPA massage relieves muscles and mind from stress and balancing effect on the nervous system. Amber warms the body and balances the emotional condition. Amber enriches the cells with oxygen and removes toxins, as well as hinder the skin and body aging processes.

Offer includes:

- Cleansing of the whole body of amber peeling, wrapping;

- shower

- relaxing full-body massage with amber massage lotion.

Result: soft, smooth, glowing and renewed skin

Enjoy the fascination of amber!


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